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Beams of Illumination from the Divine Revelationx

A Commentary on JuzÁmma, the Last Section of the Qur'an<br/ >The original edition of this commentary (tafsir) was published some twenty years ago. It was a result of teachings and talks with the objective of exploring the deeper meanings of the Divine revelations. The emphasis had been on the key Qur`anic terms and the subtle facets and connotations of Arabic words.We are now living in an age of great complexities, chaos and constant change in values and the way of life. Therefore, what is needed nowadays is the re-discovery of Allah's patterns as revealed in the Qur`anic message so that we can act appropriately in this world. The message of the Qur`an emanates from the original Divine blueprint which also lies latent in the human heart. All of us seek the path of ease, knowledge, security, love and contentment. No happiness lasts unless it is based on the knowledge of Allah and submission to His intended purpose and ways. The Qur`an is the key to this awakening.
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