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Key Benefits of Knowing Who You Are

The ASK One course, recently held in Johannesburg, South Africa was delivered
over three monthly sessions with a group of professional men and women.  The course is based on the teachings of the renowned author and master of Islamic and Sufi sciences, Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, and facilitated by Aliya B Haeri, director of the Academy of Self Knowledge. 

Knowing yourself is a most important factor in leading an enlightened and worthwhile life and is at the centre of all our endeavours – success or failure.  How you behave and respond to your outer situations are governed by your inner state and mental processes.  Self-awareness uncovers any unhealthy thought patterns and habits and can lead to better choices and responses from higher consciousness.  It is by knowing ourselves

that we find purpose and life becomes meaningful. 

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A Report of an Integrative Session with Students of ASK Courses One & Two in Cape Town, South Africa

Recently, a gathering of students from both ASK Courses one and two, was held in Central Cape Town to support their continuous learning of the ASK principles.  Over the past two years, the group had set out on a journey of Self-Discovery, using the ASK One maps as keys to unlock in-depth understanding of questions, as:  Who am I? Is there purpose and meaning in life?  What is happiness?  How can I find peace and contentment?  

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A South African Student’s experience of ASK Course One : Nelspruit

On a hillside overlooking the verdant countryside of Nelspruit, a group of women and men gathered for a weekend workshop on “Discovering Yourself”. The ASK Course One Weekend Intensive  was facilitated by Aliya B Haeri, Director of ASK Academy of Self Knowledge. Most of the participants have been on a spiritual journey for a while. Many are highly qualified teachers and healers who are well-known and established in the area. One of the participants was a professor visiting from Sweden, another a South African lawyer from Johannesburg. Many in the group had no knowledge of Islam or Sufism, but found the course material and concepts to be familiar, as the ASK programme is delivered from a universal perspective of spirituality that lies at the heart of Sufi wisdom.  

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