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Natural Illusions

Nature can be deceptive in many ways and at different levels of subtlety or obviousness. Rainbow colours appear to reveal the vibrant components of light, yet there is a far boarder range of frequencies and wavelengths in light than we can visibly discern. The Common assumption is that light is what enables us to see; the rest of the story eludes us. For example, birds have learned many ways to distract potential threats from their nests. Often the male bird acts as a decoy while the female lays still on the eggs, blending in with her surroundings, a trick which gives birds an advantage in order to survive. In fact, nature is full of deceptions and illusions.

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Morning in the Plantation

Parchment-like, thin as a muslin veil,
The radiant green banana fronds glistened and waved farewell to the morning mist.
Like victory flags parading on the hilltop,
blending the orchard songsofbuds, trees and palm fronds,

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“I am normal,” the voice declared.
“Leave me to sleep
for this is my real condition.
Do not discuss or fuss,
condemning my wide open eyes,
your label of ‘wakefulness’
falls on a frozen courtyard.

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Step with Caution

Dont step on the ants
for you may kill one,
and if you kill one
you kill all.

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