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The Perpetual Now

What was there before the beginning of creation? The beginning implies movement and change within space and time. The start of the universe is what is popularly referred to as the big bang. Most human endeavours occur along the path of increasing consciousness and awareness, growing knowledge of wider and deeper connections, and more profound relationships in existence.

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Decree, Destiny and Enlightenment

Decrees are the rules which define life’s experiences on earth. Most of these rules are describable or measurable, especially those dealing with the visible realities. The rules that govern all aspects of physical (visible and experiential) existence combine with those that control the unseen forces to form a network that will result in, for example, the laws of physics. We can describe the phenomenon of light, for instance, as both waveband and particle called a photon. The rules somehow emerge from an unknown domain into describable, measurable, physical laws. So the decrees can be seen as a series of multitudinous models by means of which the creation, seen and unseen, is held together.

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Dhikr, Fikr and Himmah - Remembrance, Discrimination and Yearning

The Path lies in dhikr, fikr and himmah. Dhikr is the remembrance of God, from whom I am separated by my self. It is this illusion that is caused by me that is the cause of this barrier, separation. So it is a process of elimination. If I overcome the self, if I remove all of these images, all of these goggles that I have erroneously put on, then I am bound to be less separated from that which is the source of all beingness.

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Personal Illusions

Life’s numerous paradoxes, enigmas and apparent contradictions can be resolved when we consider the human being as a balanced composition between the self (conditioned basic consciousness) and a soul (pure consciousness). We may feel secure and content regarding an aspect of our life and yet at the same time apprehensive or insecure regarding something else. Even when one feels upbeat and happy there lurks a shade of sadness, due to the temporariness of this state. There is a subconscious fear of loss of the pleasurable moment as we have already experienced previous mood swings. No ‘mental’ state or feelings is ever lost. The swing between contentment and the desires continue.

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