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Energy and Awareness

At a given situation or time we all have a certain amount of energy. However we like to measure it, you will find a certain amount of energy available at any one time. Why are most of us unbalanced or dissatisfied at the moment? It is because our energy is not harnessed. We are not contained and therefore not wholesome. Part of our energy is leaking away in the form of anxiety and worry.

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The Parable of the Spider's House

"The parable of those who take guardians besides Allah is like the parable of the spider that spins for itself a house. Most surely the frailest of houses is the spider's web if only they understood." -  Al-Qur'an 29:41.

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Pleasure and Happiness

A pleasure is something one can share, one can buy. It is related to attachment and is a worldly thing while surur, joy, is for its own sake. The bird sings because its nature is to sing, irrespective of whether the hunter is hunting it or the neighborhood is giving it extra food. A pleasure is a result of something that has occurred. A person is lonely, then he meets a companion who echoes much of what he believes in – that is a pleasure. Someone was hungry, there was emptiness in his stomach and it was filled with food – that is a pleasure. Pleasure is like neutralization: the negative and the positive meet and are neutralized.

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We all want happiness and we define happiness as desires achieved. When all desires are achieved, we say, 'I am tranquil.' Well, why can't we be tranquil to begin with? Who made me have all these multitudinous desires? There are basic needs, but we don't suffer from the lack of those basic things now, things such as shelter, clothes, food. It is ingrained in us, in our chromosomes, to keep the body alive as well as we can, in order to discover the purpose of it all - that is the purpose of living.

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