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Friendship and enmity are twin brothers

From the ocean of Oneness, different and separate entities and qualities have emanated. The twins of friendship and enmity emerged as the duality that announces the original unity!

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To be loyal implies total connection understanding and unity – thus loyalty emanates from the field of Oneness. Can there be loyalty between two changing entities? Can you be loyal to another human being?

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The Journey to Transformation

The world around us makes perfect sense only if we look at it through the eyes of Unity (tawhīd). No matter what we look at in existence, we find that it can always be traced back to its one original source, Allah. Recognising the One Existent Creator while we live in this world of multiple forms is essential for our well-being. Without such a unitive recognition and awareness, we tend to fluctuate between being disturbed and tranquil.

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Where and when Truth exists

Truth is before all/anything and after all/anything is gone. The universe is held by Truth. Truth is the cause of all experiences and realities. Consciousness and life are energised by the grace of Truth.

The supreme mystery of life is to know and resolve this puzzling situation. If all is by the grace of Truth, then what is my personal relationship with it? Am I totally dependent? If I am dependant, how is it that I have a will? I have needs, desires and attractions and repulsions!

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