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Your Reality

You are not what you think you are. There is only God. From Him you come and to Him you return. If you see other-than-God, it is because you are looking at it through the impure prism-prison of the self (nafs). Everybody looks at life through his own goggles, and desperately tries to balance and juggle it. Your essence, your reality, is that which has no beginning and no end.

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Enlightened Teachers

The awakened beings
look out for true seekers
and teach,
to their inner hearts
they reach.
They do not preach.

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Fate is Now
It is the experience of the moment,
not the past or future.
It is the Presence,
the sacred sun,
which wipes out shadows of doubt
filling the cup of life.

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To Remember You Must Forget

You are one,
or so you think!
You have one body,
you have one mind,
but to put on a new dress
you must take off the old.

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