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Virtues and Vices and the Importance of Interaction

The importance of virtue to self-development can be seen after defining what is meant by virtue. We define virtue as behaviour occurring at the centre of two extremes, both of which are unvirtuous. The virtuous value which is at the centre is not affected by the unvirtuous values around it unless it moves towards one or the other extremes, away from the centre. When it happens, the virtue takes on the colour of that particular vice. For example, the virtue of generosity is the midpoint between two vices – meanness at one extreme, and indiscriminate giving, or wastefulness, at the other extreme.

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Origin of prophets

Before agriculture, groups of human beings wandered along different paths of the earth where food and shelter were adequate. A few thousand years ago within early settlements as well as amongst nomads and hunter gatherers a few people experienced higher zones of consciousness and the inner spiritual reference and guidance. Some four thousand years ago the Abrahamic model of Reality and the human position in existence began to spread in west of Asia.

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Be Present

You have to be present all the time, visibly, physically, mentally. If you are not, rectify it. You must catch yourself instantly. Do not delay. If you delay you will become fossilized and it will be more difficult. It is all about being available to any situation as a full-grown human being, with faith and good opinion and optimism, with inner realization that you have come from that total ocean of infinity and to that ocean of infinity you are returning. In between is a tiny little flicker!

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Now is Eternal

Identity relates to mind, memory and time. Thoughts connect the past to the present and future. Reflection, meditation and the silent mind enable us to experience the immense present moment – now.

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