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One Face

For years I faced life
for decades, centuries - forever.
I faced the sun and the moon,
I faced the moving breeze,
I faced the wind,
I faced the rain drizzle and downpour.
I faced the world and beyond.

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Emptying Out

So the purpose of our gathering is to obtain knowledge, the knowledge that is rooted within us. But because we have allowed ourselves to become overgrown with the concerns of this life, this knowledge has had no chance to grow.

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Pure Consciousness Can Only Be Felt In Deep Meditation

What we understand of consciousness is what is limited or conditioned, such as pain or pleasure. Pure consciousness can only be felt in deep meditation, where no mental activity or self-awareness exists.

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Resolving the Paradox

Light and other forms of energy and matter are caught within the confines of time and space. The mystery of life and creation can be traced at the boundaries of space and time and in the original and ever-present sacred void. The human tendency of wanting to stretch a good time eternally or to stop a ‘bad’ time instantly echoes the quest to break out of space-time limitations. It is natural for conditioned consciousness to lead to what is past worldly limitations to the zone of transcendental pure consciousness. The healthy seeker connects all aspects of relative sensation to the timeless state of inner perception, the soul’s insight or Divine light.

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