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Pointers to Haqq (Truth)

Human needs, desires and questions never end. We always hope to discover answers to our day-to-day questions as well as the big questions in life. How did life begin? How and when will life end? Who am I really? Who are you? What is the purpose of life? Philosophical people often answer that it is to know Truth or God. What is that? We are often told that we have duties and responsibilities in this life. What are these and what is their purpose? What is truth and where is it? What is real and constant? Will we ever know the truth in this life?

Several religions say that everyone will know the truth after death. In that case, where is God’s love and generosity in this world? At all times we seek to avoid pain, fear and sorrow, yet no one is ever spared these experiences in varying intensity and duration. We all want to live a fulfilled and happy life, yet we are unlikely to meet anyone who has successfully attained that state durably.

Why do we experience ever-changing feelings and moods? Much of life’s experiences can be pleasant and desirable yet there are numerous events that cause grief, pain and misery. How can we experience and enjoy the highest quality of life? How can we maintain a healthy balance in body, mind and heart? What is the purpose of religion and spiritual aspiration? Why is it that nothing ever gives us sustained contentment? What is it that we are really striving to achieve? What sort of life do we experience, if any, after death?

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Surrendering Attachment

Nothing is wrong with the world. There is nothing wrong with the creation. Everything is in a perfect form in its perfect place at the perfect time. It is my attitude towards it which causes me pain. The postman arrives and there is a letter for me informing me that a house in the countryside, which I love, has burned down and the roof has caved in. Those wonderful antique paintings are completely ruined. I am ruined!

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Layers of Personality

It is like the layers of an onion. We remove one layer, and then another, and then it becomes easier. The outer layers are the hard ones. The more we unpeel the layers of the onion, i.e. the more we undress ourselves of our own superimposed layers of personality, the freer, the happier we become and the greater the chance of real fulfillment.

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The Maximum Learning About Yourself

How can anyone on two legs understand his situation unless he is intelligent, unless he takes time off to reflect, unless he catches himself in a real situation? Not only once in a while, when there may be a spiritual gathering or some social event. The maximum learning about yourself takes place when you are at what you think are the most difficult times in your life, because it is precisely at those times that all of what is inside comes out.

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