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Spiritual Logic and Worldly Logic

What is bounded, restricted and delineated is complementary to the boundless and limitless. Infinity is rooted in the tiny entity of an electron or photon. To restrict the self is the first step towards the open horizons of the soul. Many spiritual practices and religions establish laws and boundaries without a clear outer logic or reason, for spiritual logic is totally different to the worldly version.

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The less the self is concerned with worldly matters, the greater the soul’s receptivity to messages and guidance via the heart.

People who excel in the material world are unlikely to be able to give sufficient attention to the exploration of the inner subtler realms. Love, trust and absorption in the outer world may harden the heart and hinder spiritual progress.

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To Activate and Access Your Heart

This world contains samples of all creations and states, seen and unseen, including paradise and hell. Human life is a process of learning through acceptance and rejection. To activate and access your heart, you need to reduce outer worldly concerns.

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The Evolving Self

Every human soul contains the essence of all creation and their meaning. The individual self evolves in consciousness as it experiences creational events and aspires towards the soul’s perfection and its freedom from space-time limitations.

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