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When asked, "What do I control?"

I knew the trick,


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Connected continuation.

Unified twins.

"A futile life.." the voice said, “A lie..” it said.

“The heart knows…” it said.

“How do we relate?”

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From mysterious Oneness, a plethora of every type of energy, matter and other realities emerged as every imaginable energy, material form, cycles or patterns in dualities, that balance each other. Pluralities emanate from the One and return to the One. Dualities appear as opposites or complimentary. They are twins. The two quarreling traders appear opposite to each other. Whereas in fact they are competing for what seems to them of limited availability. Dualities confirm unity.

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Will, desire and ability are key forces in our life and quest for connectedness and continuity. We live according to what is within our domain to change or control. A child expresses anger and disappointment due to failure or inability to achieve what is desired. God’s agent within us, our Soul, controls our life and its shadow image, self or ego. Yet the self falls into the illusion of control and ownership - this is my dog, my house or my cousin. When did these controls come about and for how long? The dog is a living entity with its own nature. We can only exercise some control with limited certainty.

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