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"We live in constant struggle. We think, plan and hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Yet life itself flows according to its perfect path. The future is only a continuation of Now, and if, right now, we have presence of mind and heart, then there is no doubt that the future will be best. We are habituated to change for the better and renew our habits and patterns for what is considered optimal.

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“Everything in existence is in pairs and pluralities. Human nature is also the same. One aspect relates to evolution and animal consciousness and the other is heavenly, sacred and to do with spiritual energy.

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"The self always seeks certainty, security, acknowledgement and ease. This is part of the divine plot to enable intelligent and dedicated seekers to know and experience that whatever you are striving for is within the zone of perpetual being-ness and God-consciousness. You have no option but to search, investigate and hope to know. Intellect and what is intelligible are one.

Do reflect upon ‘who’ is looking for ‘what’ and ‘where’. The self which is an illusion can never be content and secure in any state. Your soul knows it is ever secure as it is not separate from the light of God.

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Back to the original Obsessions.

Who is it?


What does it want?

Why am I concerned about the future?

What about the fear of death?

What haunts me most is the question of God.

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