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Like everything else in life, whatever it may be, a thing, an entity, a particle, an idea or an energy, it comes in two’s, and these two’s can double up again and again. In a similar way, there are two versions of being alive.

The first version is the simple awareness of being a living, breathing human being; this is sentiency. We say “I am alive because I am conscious and through that consciousness I can manipulate my hand or my movement”.

This is the definition and experience of conditioned consciousness. It is the idea of having your own life and asking, “What are you doing with your life?” It’s the idea that “life is precious” “time is precious” “everything will pass” “you only have one life to live”. This places us in a box where we remain anchored to our perception of what “our life” is.   It is this box that causes the fear, anxiety and concern when reflecting on the inevitable cycle of birth and death.

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The self fears rejection,
soul's confrontation.
Desire for survival, 
celebrating life
in perpetuity.
Mysterious unity,
nothing beside Oneness.

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When asked, "What do I control?"

I knew the trick,


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Connected continuation.

Unified twins.

"A futile life.." the voice said, “A lie..” it said.

“The heart knows…” it said.

“How do we relate?”

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