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“I am normal,” the voice declared.
“Leave me to sleep
for this is my real condition.
Do not discuss or fuss,
condemning my wide open eyes,
your label of ‘wakefulness’
falls on a frozen courtyard.

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Step with Caution

Dont step on the ants
for you may kill one,
and if you kill one
you kill all.

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The Passage of Time

The day flashes by
in and out,
dances about,
to the instant tune of Time.
Silhouetted on the screen of illusion,
slipping down the sand dune of existence,
perched on the edge of a vast desert
the infinite non-existence.

The First Journey

With disappointment
anger and strife
there is some hope
for a better life;
if not soon
it may be in the afterlife.

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