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If We Are Willing To Stop

Human beings reflect the cosmic perfection at the point of conception but, as we grow errors and defects become prominent with increased entropy. Our apparent freedom of action only increases our imperfections.

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Information and Transformation

‘Human growth and evolvement is enhanced as we respond to facts and information by reference to rationality as well as higher consciousness.’

Personal consciousness evolves when the senses, mind and body interact with the outer world and ‘make sense’ out of events and situations. The mind develops by investigating cause and effect, and the connection between new experiences and events with past memory and knowledge. The self needs to exchange news and information, transmit and receive feelings and evaluations, in order to evolve further in consciousness.

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What Is It?

by light, colour and form
movement and vibration
presenting itself
through constant change
and transformation

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The nature of the human self is not to accept blame or responsibility. Hence, an immature person accuses others when experiencing difficulties, hardship or suffering. The evolved person blames himself, however, for ignorance and lack of wisdom and takes responsibility for what has gone wrong.

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