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Eternity: Verse One

“But seek, with the (wealth) which Allah

has bestowed on thee, the Home of the

Hereafter, nor forget thy portion in

this world: but do thou good, as Allah

has been good to thee, and seek not

(occasions for) mischief in the land: for

Allah loves not those who do mischief.”


Life is balanced between

this world and the hereafter.

Awareness of your intentions

and actions, and responsibility

for all situations, are necessary

for a balance between

humanity and divinity.

Taken from "Quran 50 Vital Verses" by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Sufism and the Sufi

What is relevant to us today about Sufism is that it has maintained a clear thread and line of direct transmission of wisdom back to original Islam. The key to Sufism is that of inner awakening, freedom and joy through recognition of outer restriction by choice and discrimination. …

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Two Lives: Verse Two

Unless he repents, believes, and works

righteous deeds, for Allah will change

the evil of such persons into good, and

Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful,


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Two Lives: Verse One

The life of this world is alluring to those

who reject faith, and they scoff at those

who believe. But the righteous will be

above them on the Day of Resurrection;

for Allah bestows His abundance without

measure on whom He will. 2:212

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