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Best Times for Supplication

Every aspect in life undergoes dual cycles which connect, such as ebbing and flowing, expansion and contraction, rising and falling, living and dying. The season to plant is spring, when growth and expansion are most conducive naturally. In winter most plants contract and stop growing. As every action has a favourable time, so too does supplication, the timing of which relates to the state of the caller as well as circumstances. Also there are naturally occurring periods during the year when planetary positions, electromagnetic fields, and other conditions, are most favourable.

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A Prophetic Supplication to Remove Darkness and Impurity and Attract Light

The mirror of the heart of the seeker becomes clearer and the signs of the Realm of Divine Power and the lights of the Spiritual Regions become manifest there. It is for this reason that the Prophet (pbuh) used to beseech the following in his whispered supplications:

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Sajdah - Prostration

Closeness to Allah is by sajdah, by prostration, which is the outer proof of inner abandonment. Outer prostration is the manifestation of an inner state; if it is not, it becomes an empty ritual. Sajada, the root of sajdah, also means “to obey,” meaning to obey the purpose of existence. The purpose of existence is merciful and benign.

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The Meaning of the Remembrance of Allah (Dhikru'llah)

The Arabic word for remembrance is dhikr. Remembrance is of several types or levels. There is the remembrance of physical things, which are in front of us, and there is the remembrance of one's desires, anxieties, and so on. Along the spiritual path, remembrance relates to that which is in one's innate nature. It is the remembrance of the Essence of Allah the Almighty, of the Source of all manifestations and attributes. That source is within everybody. On the Sufi path, one is required to dis-remember everything else that is discernible, everything that is other than Allah, in order to return to the original remembrance. The Arabic word for remembrance of Allah is dhikru'llah.

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