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Now – The Gateway of Eternity

Allah’s protection and care is forever covering us. It is only we who go to the past and resurrect the dead. That is why the true mu’min regrets at the time, asks Allah’s forgiveness and moves on. We don’t constantly go and visit the scene of the crime. Expect the best of Allah and remember that one of His qualities as it is described in the Qur’an is al-‘Afuw. It is from the word ‘afā. It means effacing, obliterating, or wiping out, and hence, to pardon. From the same root ‘afuw comes ‘āfiyah, meaning wellbeing. The past doesn’t exist anymore because time, in reality, doesn’t exist. It is only as part of His ‘catchment’, so that we are in time and space yearning for non-time and non-space.

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The Eye of Ḥaqīqah and the Eye of Sharī'ah

Everything is divine. If we view everything with the vision of divinity within us, if we look through the eye of the Creator within us, we find that everything is perfect, and if we do not do this, then everything appears unjust.

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Spontaneous Awareness

The objective is to be in awareness. You must simply be aware of what you do when you are doing it, not afterwards! There is nothing wrong in wanting to reproduce what you like and avoid what you dislike. This is the way we are. What matters is the spontaneous awareness of what is happening. All human beings have the same essence and the same consciousness, because we are basically sentient through life and life is one. The only difference between beings is the degree of awareness.

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The Shock of Awakening

By the time these ayat [first five ayat of Surat-ul-'Alaq] were revealed to him, the Prophet, ṣalla-llāhu ‘alayhi wa ālihi wa sallam, had already been regularly spending days, weeks, and months in meditation in a cave in order to penetrate the layers of his nafs, thereby following the path of all those before him who followed the dictum, “He who knows himself knows his Lord.” The path towards the knowledge of lordship, of sustainership, is by way of the recognition of what is closest to us, which is all the different selves, or aspects of ourselves.

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