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Ayah-02: And what will make you know what the Night of the Decree is?

When questions like this arise in the Qur’an, their purpose is to glorify what is being described. In this case, the question glorifies the night on which this event occurred. For each of us there is a possibility of laylat al-qadr. Our awakening to our fullest potential occurs on our night of qadr. It occurs when we see the Power behind the power in creation, or the power of the Powerful One, Who is Allah, and we experience the power of inner knowledge. The night of qadr occurs according to each person’s capacity.

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Power that created all the creational systems made them according to a measure, the Decree (qadr), by which all creational manifestations are brought to their destiny, qaḍā’, and final judgment. In this surah we are given a glimpse into an aspect of the meaning of qaḍā’ wa qadr (destiny and decree).

Qaḍā’ means “fate, destiny, judgment, justice, decree,” and “that which has passed,” and while qadr means “measure, decree,” it also means “destiny” because it is according to a measure that things unfold and develop. The judgment, or the final destiny, of any created thing follows according to its measure, its qadr, for if it did not, there would be chaos. These measures may fluctuate and interweave within definite bounds, but there must be a measure in order for man to know the limits and to gain knowledge of the world.

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This feast that marks the end of the month of fasting alludes to the breaking of the fast which cannot be realized as long as the seeker’s senses are suppressed, for during the correct fast the senses are made redundant. If the senses return to him from his Lord that is indeed what is sought after; it is this which is referred to as the `Id, ‘that which returns’ (from the word `ada, which means to return). The seeker abandons his senses because he abstains from sensual contact and worldly pleasures. But if the senses actually become conveyors of meaning rather than mere physical experiences, then he no longer needs to abandon them. When this occurs, the senses, the meaning, the uniqueness of Allah and His allegorical similarities become as one:
# ...Thus wherever you turn, there is the Face of Allah. [2:115]

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The awakened seeker must give up the illusion of seeing actions as coming from other than Allah so that by this realization he may arrive at the station of the Unity of Action. Then he must go past the illusion of seeing Attributes other than those of Allah. That is the station of the Unity of Attributes. Finally, he must go past the veil of ‘independent’ entities or events – in Truth, there is no Reality except the One Reality, Allah. That is the station of the Unity of Essence, which is the goal of the Path, and indeed, the goal of existence itself.

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