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Then Comes Passion

A spiritual seeker may be initially motivated by the love of paradise and fear of hell fire. The awakened person is no longer concerned about either, due to being absorbed in the love of the ever present perfection. Then comes passion, in which the lover has lost direction and identification, being lost in the Beloved.

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Imbibed or Absorbed through Passion

With the realization of life’s great potential, every moment becomes precious and is given its due respect and importance. To be deliberately enslaved to the supreme cosmic light is to be free from outer shadows. It is by God’s generosity, mercy and grace that we turn away from our egotistical dark shadows towards the luminous light of the soul within the heart.

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There is None Except One

The disciple declared that there are countless beings in existence, but the master insisted that there is none except One. He then reminded the student that when you truly open your eyes many may appear within your sight, whereas in truth these are only shadows of the everlasting one light within them, before them and after them.

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The Understanding of Unity (Tawhid)

Allah says: ‘You are certainly on a clear path (sirat), a straight and direct way’ (36:04). The ‘straight path’ (al-sirat al-mustaqim) is the shortest distance between two points, between subject and object, between man and Allah. That is why it is direct, for it stretches from man to what he is always seeking, which is the All-Encompassing Reality. The understanding of unity (tawhid) is the straight path (al-sirat al-mustaqim), but it cannot be the subject of mere intellectual study. One must move along the path of submission (islam), through belief (iman) to sublime excellence (ihsan), until one begins to have glimpses of unity, through which one can then dive into the world of meaning.

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