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Oasis In The Desert

The illumined heart of the awakened being is like an oasis in the desert of human life. No one is spared from the grace of challenges and difficulties. This is how the invisible light of the cosmic Master points us toward the inner oasis.

The conscientious human being wants to share the goodness and joys of life with others whilst there are invariably disappointments, difficulties and regrets. We often feel a thirst for revitalising water and the need for fresh air - both materially and spiritually. Paradise is not only in the hereafter, it is already in our heart - our oasis and inner sanctum. Outer gardens and beautiful vistas are samples of the divine perfect garden.

When you discover that bliss
that emanates from your own
soul, you are awakening to the
Divine promise.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from “Spectrum of Reality - Sufi Insights

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