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Layers of Personality

It is like the layers of an onion. We remove one layer, and then another, and then it becomes easier. The outer layers are the hard ones. The more we unpeel the layers of the onion, i.e. the more we undress ourselves of our own superimposed layers of personality, the freer, the happier we become and the greater the chance of real fulfillment. Ultimately, when we reach a high state of inner awareness, and when we have been truly and totally immersed in that state, that inner equilibrium, we have little or no clutter left in us and that is like reaching the last, inner layer of the onion. If we now take off that layer, what is there? Space! The so-called 'I' is like an onion, it is a complex system superimposed on pure life, and life is everywhere, has been and will be.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “The Sufi Way to Self-Unfoldment

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