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Fiṭrah is the ‘natural and basic disposition’ of humankind and is derived from faṭara, to split or break apart, hence Ifṭār, ‘breaking of the fast’. Faṭara also means ‘to create’. Non-creation cracked and split open to reveal its opposite, creation. Basic knowledge is Fiṭrī, connected with the pre-creational crack. Access to Basic knowledge is through diving deep into the well to reach the source of the spring where the original crack is. The Safīh, the foolish, ignorant one whose life is cluttered and whose well is filled up with the debris of illusions, desires, attachments and covetousness, has no access to that original crack, that fiṭrah.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Man in Qur'ān and the Meaning of Furqān - Surat ul-Baqarah

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